Muggmaker poster generator


Here’s a sample image from my Muggmaker poster generator which I’m currently developing.
I’m randomly generating thousands of high-resolution Muggs, which are first passed through a Photoshop action to silhouette them against an alpha channel. Then an PHP script generates a high-resolution file of the Muggs composed in an overlapping crowd, according to the size of the print you want.
I plan on offering unique prints for sale that have your Mugg hidden in the crowd somewhere. No two prints will be alike!
I think I will also have to make some repeating patterns of a crowd like this to make some custom fabric at Spoonflower.

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Camo Grid (Branches)


This collage is actual size.

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Art Lodge Pals


From the Woodstock Artlodge, clockwise from top right: Stephen Antonson, Jon Keegan, Jeff Nash, Kerry O’neill, Paul Clark and James Antonson. That’s a crazy talented crew right there. Really looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of these cats as we swoop into the city for Kerry and Corrie’s wedding!

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