One Fell Swoop


Here are some photos of the One Fell Swoop CD I’ve been posting about (by the Amsterdam based duo Rara Avis). It’s nice to see the finished product, and for a change, it’s an object people will keep around rather than something someone will throw out after they are done reading the article…Thanks to Terri for bringing me the CD’s, and hope you get well soon!
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One Fell Swoop


I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the musical duo Rara Avis(Terri Hron and Robbert van Hulzen) on the illustration and design for their new album, One Fell Swoop. They are based in Amsterdam, and make strange, mysterious music that spans many centuries and many cultures. You will hear dissonant medieval sounds coming from a hand-carved recorder, traditional South Indian passages, a home made toobophone and electronic rhythms to complete the collage.
The title of their album is from a great line in MacBeth:

“All the pretty ones?
Did you say all? O hell-kite! All?
What, all my pretty chickens and their dam
At one fell swoop?”

So I ran with that dark imagery for the cover. I also had the fun task of designing the whole package for the CD case. I enjoy deign projects like this from time to time, and I had secretly always wanted to design someone’s album. Unfortunately I don’t have the final package in my hands yet, but I will post some photos in a few weeks when I get my mitts on one.
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Your Vegas Poster

This is a poster I did just last week for the band Your Vegas. They originally hail from Leeds, UK and recently settled in NYC. Universal Records (their label) sent them out for their first gig in L.A. this week. To commemorate the show, the sharp marketing folks at Uni (thanks Frank!) decided to commission a limited edition poster. I had a crazy busy schedule last week while working on this, as I had the only other music project that I have ever worked on underway (more on that soon!). All in all it was a fun frenzied project, and I had a blast with the silhouettes, using only the mighty lasso tool to draw the loose shapes. Anytime I get to go nuts with glowing lights and a dusky sky, counts as a fun project.
Some detail shots after the jump…

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