Lost, and Found

This is an illo for The New York Times’ “The City” section. Eric Anthamatten’s essay is about the frequent and common disorientation than every New Yorker has felt when emerging from the subway, perhaps at an unfamiliar station, and not being able to situate themselves on the city grid. Art direction by Richard Weigand.
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Miami Herald: Furniture Stores Feel Foreclosure Pain

This illo ran in this week’s Miami Herald on the cover of the Business Monday section. Apparently the usually brisk furniture market in Miami has been hit by the spate of home foreclosures, and is reeling from the downturn.
I always enjoy cramming a variety of colorful objects across a page. Art direction by Chris Melchiondo.
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The Boy in the Bullpen

This is a piece I did for The New York Times this week. It is running in Sunday’s “The City” section (of the New York edition). The author Thomas R. Pryor waxes nostalgic about a day in 1961 when his father and uncles took him to see the Yankees play the Red Sox. One of his uncles knew Luis Arroyo, the pitcher, and the author got lifted over the fence to hang out in the bullpen, and was awestruck by the pinstriped giants. Art direction by the always agreeable Richard Weigand.
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Eat my shorts and buy my book

Another illo for the Publisher’s Weekly “Soapbox” column. This installment was a funny editorial was written by Mike Reiss, who has been a writer for The Simpsons for nineteen years. In an effort to reach kids with a different message than he does on TV, Mike has published eight children’s books, and enjoys the freedom of being the sole storyteller. But he doesn’t do it for the money:

“To earn what I make as a TV writer, I’d have to publish a children’s book every four hours.”

Money isn’t everything though…but Homer Simpson has weighed in on this:

“Bart, with $10,000, we’d be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things like…love!”

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Your Vegas Poster

This is a poster I did just last week for the band Your Vegas. They originally hail from Leeds, UK and recently settled in NYC. Universal Records (their label) sent them out for their first gig in L.A. this week. To commemorate the show, the sharp marketing folks at Uni (thanks Frank!) decided to commission a limited edition poster. I had a crazy busy schedule last week while working on this, as I had the only other music project that I have ever worked on underway (more on that soon!). All in all it was a fun frenzied project, and I had a blast with the silhouettes, using only the mighty lasso tool to draw the loose shapes. Anytime I get to go nuts with glowing lights and a dusky sky, counts as a fun project.
Some detail shots after the jump…

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This is another illo for Publisher’s Weekly ‘Soapbox’ column (thanks for the steady work Clive!). The author, Mary Murphy writes about Jessica Seinfeld’s book, “Deceptively Delicious”. Seinfeld’s book gives tips for busy parents on how to sneak pureed veggies into kid-friendly dishes, without them detecting the spinach you’ve surreptitiously included in the brownies. Murphy writes about how the culinary deception wasn’t so successful with her kids.

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Read Magazine: Twist of Fate


Here’s a bunch of drawings that I had fun doing for a new client, Read Magazine (published by Reader’s Digest). The story, titled “Twist of Fate” by Steven Frank is about a teenage girl that ends up spending a weekend in the library’s rare books room reading a dusty old first edition of Dickens’ “Oliver Twist”, to avoid flunking a class. She snoozes off and finds herself magically transported into the story, and interacting with all of the characters. The only way home is to write herself out of the story, Dickens himself tells her. The sequence of the drawings is clockwise from the top left image.
Click on the image for a larger version.

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