Results from my summer ceramics class

Whenever I take a ceramics class I don’t do anything else. Here’s one of 2 tables of work that I completed during my 6 week class. I worked everyday for as long as I could without passing out. In the foreground are a couple of “Dead squirrel water color kits”.
The brushes rest between the upended feet. Most students complete about 6 to 8 pieces during the class. I worked on over 250 pieces. There are a number of white watercolor mixing dishes on this table.


Roger De Muth ART STIMULUS PLAN $1 Dollar off Art Coupon

I have decided to completely revive the American economy with my ART STIMULUS PLAN. My $1 dollar off art coupon will help sales and not cost the taxpayer a single dime.
You may use this coupon online at or at the Chameleon Gallery, Cazenovia, NY. One coupon per customer please.
You may also use the Dollar Off Art coupon in ALL STORES IN MANHATTAN! Bring in your dollar off coupon and tell them you want a DOLLAR OFF ART! It works… try it! Tell them “Roger sent me.”


Evil Squirrel ceramic sculpture

I am taking a ceramics class this summer for six weeks. When this happens, I totally get involved in my class and nothing else matters. It’s great. Anyway, I am devoted to depicting evil squirrels and making lots of squirrel things. stay tuned. you’ll see what I’m taking about shortly.


New die-cut, super complicated promotional piece fraught with difficulty.

I try to make everything as complicated as possible. Here’s an example of my method. This is an 11×17 inch printed sheet. The red line denotes the marks where a die is to be made. Once the die is made, I take the printed sheets, die, to a die stamper and he punches them out of the paper, one by one. I use Die Max in Rochester, NY for the die, for the printing (16pt stock) and precision Die Stamping in Port Byron, NY for the stamping. All good people, & I recommend.


Remember… squirrels arent just for breakfast anymore. Print

About this print :
A week or so before my Mom passed away,
she spoke with me about going into an assisted
living facility. I thought this was odd because
she resisted the idea of going into a home for
so long. She prized her independence so much.
Mom felt there was too much for her to
handle and one of things she mentioned
was the squirrel on her porch.
She was most annoyed by the man who
fed the birds on the floor above her as
he attracted so many squirrels.
This is my memorial print to my Mother and her
annoyance with squirrels and what to do about
I only wish I could have purchased a rifle
for her now. She would have enjoyed shooting
at the squirrels from her comfortable chair in
the living room. I can just imagine her sitting
in the chair with the rifle and her glass sliding-
doors with large holes in them where she shot
at them. Now that I think of it, there might
have been holes in the ceiling too.
I dedicated my first children’s book to my
Mother. After I sent her my book “Messy Bessie,
Where’s My Homework? she said: “You know I
hate mice !”
Mom kept every drawing, postcard, print, news-
paper article and painting I ever did. When we
cleaned out her apartment, they were all there.
Every one of them! She would have kept this
print even though there were squirrels in it.
My Mom loved her family and loved birds.
I’ll make a bird print next.
I will miss her dearly.
Roger De Muth


Drawing from the Bell tower of Giralda Cathedral, Sevilla.

Here’s a drawing from the top of Giralda Cathedral. The view from the top is spectacular, and overlooks a couple of domes with stone roofs.
I’ve decided to build a stone dome over my house. If you see some rocks that would look good on my roof, please let me know.
On another note, the rocks used for stonehenge were moved 250 miles to the site. I’ve got an idea! let’s move some giant rocks 250 miles today!
This drawing was done with a fountain pen, and then smeared with coffee. It was drawn in a new micro size Moleskin Book which I bought in Barcelona.


La Giralda y la Catedral

Here’s a quick sketch from the Cathedral in Sevilla. We climbed to the top a few weeks ago. The tower has a ramp instead of steps to reach the top. I recommend. The Giralda Cathedral is the largest gothic church in Europe.
Sevilla is a beautiful city lost somewhere in time. Ancient moorish buildings mixed in with great shops and restaurants. We took the train to Granada and spent a day at the Alhambra.


Mr Panoramaman photo of Cazenovia, NY

I’ve been shooting Panorama photos for a number of years but have never had more fun than the new stitching factor in Photoshop CS3. In fact, it has taken over my life.
I try to go out every day and shoot.
There are some drawbacks with storage, cameras, printing etc. but most have been overcome. I have 13 terrabytes of storage here in the studio and more CF flash cards than most Best Buy Stores.
If you haven’t tried it yet, try this: CS3 photoshop> File> Automate> photomerge> choose open files> Voila!
Then I tone map the images using Photomatix to bring out the lights and darks a bit more.
Take a look at
The long image above is about 48 inches wide and nearly a gig in size. It’s made up of 34 individual photos.


Finished Adirondack Gazebo with fresh snow.

Well here’s the finished gazebo that my helper and I finished a few weeks ago. It’s made of Cedar, so it will last a long long time. We built the roof of Cedar too.
We made a couple of test arbors to figure out the joining of the logs and cut everything with a band saw. After awhile we were able to “guess” the angles and rough test fit the logs together. Then retrim the logs to fit.
In the spring, I plan to put the rest of the trees in and the vines on the arbors and trellises. My goal is to get the property to look more like a park. Besides, it’s a good hobby working in the fireswamp. I’m going to start work on large R.O.U.S.’s made out of topiary next. ( Rodents of unusual size.) Stay tuned.
This photo is made of 4 photos stitched together, then tone mapped in Photomatix.


Ant Edna Takes a Vacation book concept

This is a character and book concept that I recently developed. When you get a chance please visit and drop me a note. Isn’t Edna pretty?
Roger De Muth