Fire Woman



Villa Medici

villa_medici.jpgPiazza del Popolo, Rome


Manhattan Solstice

manhattan_solstice.jpgUnion Square, intersection at 14th Street—this afternoon, sun’s shadows seemed perfectly aligned and perpendicular with Manhattan’s North-South streets today. I think many New Yorkers sensed this, but just didn’t admit it to themselves.


Forest Fire

deer-run.jpgwatercolor and graphic on paper


Canadian Goose in Central Park

goose.jpgcaught that decisive moment of a goose bobbing down for food. the impression of its head has created a bowl shape in the water.


Birthday Bear Wishes You a Happy Halloween



The Clown Olympics

The Clown Olympics hosted by The Brick Theatre in Williamsburg last night. Events ranged from ‘Solo Trips and Falls’ to ‘Kiddie Pool Synchronized Swimming’.



nydia.jpgspent the weekend down in DC and visited the National Gallery which is one of my favorite museums. it’s chuck full of masterpieces; the main rooms are all lit with natural light; and there’s a beautiful austerity to how the art is displayed. this is a photo that i took of Randolph Rogers’s marble statue entitled “Nydia, the Blind Girl of Pompeii”. carved in 1860. photography of a museum’s general collection is usually permitted. it’s the travelling shows that prohibit photographs.


400 Blows Brooklyn-style

St. Giglio Festival in Williamsburg began last Sat. with the ceremonial procession of a seven-story high statue topped with St. Giglio himself. It’s a stone’s throw away from the Lorimer St. on the “L” train.


Anamatic for Minus Zero

this a mock-up of an animation i’m working on.