mik and post

This is the invite i quickly designed for my nieces upcoming 4th birthday party. Unfortunately the invites never made it to her friends school mailboxes, as her school was closed on Monday (and has been ever since) as the school is located near where the fires are burning in San Diego, and all the roads are closed. I am supposed to fly out there next friday… I guess we’ll see how it goes. She was so excited to see herself on an invite. (Her actual quote: “I AM SO EXCITED!”) Btw, she really is that cute and sweet and blonde. 🙂
Also – this weekend (and last weekend) was POST (Philadelphia Open Studios). Brian and I participated from 12-6 on Satuday. It was busy and fun. (So busy and fun that i didnt get to take any photographs!) Anyway we got some great feedback and I even got a lovely mention on a local design blog: design-phan. Thanks Caroline!
Also – i have 2 pieces in this toy art show at philadelphia’s city hall. The opening reception is next Thursday from 5-7pm. I’m not sure if NY has something like this, but in Philly, it’s a great opportunity for artists. (Especially since Philadelphia closed it’s Office of Arts and Culture in 2004!) How crazy is that?!?



started out as a simple birthday card…


who wants cake?

so i recently got engaged (yay!) and am slowly entering into the crazy/bizarre world of planning a wedding. so, that being said… anyone want some wedding cake?


120 calendars

recently, i finished making 120 (phew!) custom mini-calendars for a california wedding. thanks invisibleman! (as i was found through here to get this fun project) and contratulations to the bride and groom. : )


sketchbook 35

i was long overdue for a new sketchbook, so last night i made this. ive been noticing and obsessing over clouds lately… my dad was a huge fan of them. he used to take rolls of film of them… so i guess this is a recent self-portrait in a way…
the bookcloth is from papersource. i really wish there were one of these in philly. the binding is a “4 needle coptic”. I’ve only done that once before, but i think the result is pretty nice and simple. the inside paper juts out from underneath the covers. i’m not sure if i like it, but i wanted to try it. (i usually like it on other books.)
the other bottom 2 photos show the rest of my sketchbook making “ritual.” i always create a notes/calendar section in the back and i always write the “d.o.b.” in the front. bookmaking is so rewarding.
ps stay tuned for > new studio < information. here's a peak at the new space that my friend brian and i will be sharing. it’s in this philadelphia landmark building. fun fun!!!


if – twist

chirp. chirp. here’s my illustration friday “twist.”
as previously mentioned, i am taking an off-loom fibers class. last week we were shown netting. i decided to draw the loops and knots and what i remembered of the demonstration, and somehow the drawing turned into twisty, funny looking birds. (note: i then used the “live paint” feature of illustrator. if you’ve never used live paint before, you should try it. it’s fun to use and much easier than the traditional way of coloring up art in illustrator. it was a new feature introduced in cs2.)
also, if you want to make your own net, check out this page.


chippy’s bowl

garage sale. this weekend. long island. favorite thing. sold. 3 dollars.


cozy (egg)

i’m taking an off loom fibers class at fleisher. it’s a great place to take classes (here in philly).
during the first class, i was given a bag of green handmade paper and some spanish moss to “make something with.” after a few failed ideas, i cut the index card sized pieces of paper in a swirl patterm to make a single long strip and i decided to knit with the pieces. (so the green you see is handmade paper.) I had been thinking of eggs (see my previous illo friday “rejection” post) and somehow ended up knitting a cozy shrug for an egg. I then decided to knit a mini scarf for the shrug using embroidery floss… i then filled it (nest-like) with the spanish moss. it fits in my hands rather nicely and i’m pleased with the result. (if i take the egg out i can also wear the knitted piece as a cuff bracelet.)
last week, we also learned how to make a basic coil basket. interesting stuff…



is there a difference between failure and rejection? i was thinking of that… and willy wonka. (good eggs and bad eggs) “rejection” was created for illustration friday. go & participate!


dads day