Muggmaker poster generator

Here’s a sample image from my Muggmaker poster generator which I’m currently developing.
I’m randomly generating thousands of high-resolution Muggs, which are first passed through a Photoshop action to silhouette them against an alpha channel. Then an PHP script generates a high-resolution file of the Muggs composed in an overlapping crowd, according to the size of the print you want.
I plan on offering unique prints for sale that have your Mugg hidden in the crowd somewhere. No two prints will be alike!
I think I will also have to make some repeating patterns of a crowd like this to make some custom fabric at Spoonflower.

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Camo Grid (Branches)

This collage is actual size.


Art Lodge Pals

From the Woodstock Artlodge, clockwise from top right: Stephen Antonson, Jon Keegan, Jeff Nash, Kerry O’neill, Paul Clark and James Antonson. That’s a crazy talented crew right there. Really looking forward to hanging out with a bunch of these cats as we swoop into the city for Kerry and Corrie’s wedding!


Series of Water Color & Ink Paintings of Nantucket/ Sconset

I’ve been working on a series of 32 water color paintings and now about half way through the series. I do a tight pencil sketch, then ink the drawing with waterproof sepia ink, then do the painting over everything. Take a look at the series when you get a chance.


Beer Truck

This is inspired by landscapes in advertising. 24″x36″ Oil on Canvas.


xray vision


Been staring at this for a long, long time…Have you checked out Muggmaker yet?


Dinner for Eight Title page, New Book by Roger De Muth

Here’s the title page and cover from my newest book – Dinner for Eight.


My newest book- Dinner for Eight!

Here’s the cover from my newest book “Dinner for Eight”.
It’s about an Octopus’s Dinner Party.
Let me know if you would like an auto-graphed copy.
It takes my car awhile to sign them. Ha, Ha….


Skateboard Nation

Over the years I’ve done a lot of skateboarding, most intensely in the mid-eighties to early nineties and these days cruising the streets of midtown Sacto on a longboard. Recently the Wall Street Journal’s Conor Dougherty wrote about what an incredibly skate-friendly city Portland Oregon is and to my luck the WSJ editors requested an interactive map of the best skateparks across the US. As soon as I got the assignment I knew what to do. Click on the image of above to see a larger version or the link below to see the interactive version — and take a few minutes to read the rad article as well.
Wall Street Journal Link: America’s Best Skateboarding Parks


Wedding Invitations

This past May my sweetie Kristina and I tied the knot in the Hudson Valley north of New York City where we were living. We’ve since relocated into the chillness of northern California. The wedding was an amazing time and a wonderful way to wrap up our 10 years in the city. Below is the invitation I designed and illustrated. It was a fun challenge to create the illo in such a way that it would align in the middle of the gatefold.