About this print :
A week or so before my Mom passed away,
she spoke with me about going into an assisted
living facility. I thought this was odd because
she resisted the idea of going into a home for
so long. She prized her independence so much.
Mom felt there was too much for her to
handle and one of things she mentioned
was the squirrel on her porch.
She was most annoyed by the man who
fed the birds on the floor above her as
he attracted so many squirrels.
This is my memorial print to my Mother and her
annoyance with squirrels and what to do about
I only wish I could have purchased a rifle
for her now. She would have enjoyed shooting
at the squirrels from her comfortable chair in
the living room. I can just imagine her sitting
in the chair with the rifle and her glass sliding-
doors with large holes in them where she shot
at them. Now that I think of it, there might
have been holes in the ceiling too.
I dedicated my first children’s book to my
Mother. After I sent her my book “Messy Bessie,
Where’s My Homework? she said: “You know I
hate mice !”
Mom kept every drawing, postcard, print, news-
paper article and painting I ever did. When we
cleaned out her apartment, they were all there.
Every one of them! She would have kept this
print even though there were squirrels in it.
My Mom loved her family and loved birds.
I’ll make a bird print next.
I will miss her dearly.
Roger De Muth