Buggy boogie


I’m finally done with my latest comic for Mome, thank goodness! The book won’t be out for several months; however, the last issue was just released, and it, too, contains a story by moi. It’s available at classy bookstores or on the Fantagraphics site.


Travels in Trôo

I recently had the honor and privilege to attend a friend‘s wedding in the Loir-et-Cher region of northern central France. During my time there, I stayed in the charming village of Trôo. The village is partly troglodytic, meaning that many of the homes are built into caves in the hillside. You can view photos of Trôo, along with photos of other spots I visited such as the castle at Lavardin and the Chartres cathedral, within my Flickr collection.





Cufflinks whatwhat

If I was cool I’d wear pair of these hoot cufflinks available from my etsy shop for only $30. There’s seven different designs available and they’re dapper as ‘owt.





Skyline Drive

A quick sketch from my recent vacation at Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes region in upstate New York.

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Blue Trees

the central park variety


Presidential Range Sketching

A few week back my three older brother and I hiked across the stunning Presidential Range in New Hampshire staying in the AMC huts along the way. The sketchbook drawings above were done in the Lakes of the Clouds common room overlooking the Ammonoosuc Ravine. Each summer my brothers and I try to gather in a nice outdoor location for an ‘Art Lodge’ in which we begin paintings and drawings and pass them around until each has taken a turn (these will be seen in a future post). Below brothers Phil, James and Stephen take their turns:

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wsj sports illo

Illo for wsj.com regarding fantasy sports and if/when parents should allow their kids to get involved. I think the kid in the stroller here may be headed for trouble.


Plan B magazine

An image to accompany an article on Psych-Folk for Plan B music magzine.