Eggs for Angelo

Last Friday I was fortunate to see the Antonio López García exhibition at the MFA Boston. Having long admired his work, I was thrilled to see so many of his paintings, drawings, and sculptures in person. If you have the time and the inclination, I highly recommend seeing it before it closes July 27th.
While all of Antonio López García’s works are incredible, his drawings are especially stunning. Their attention to detail and their incredible depiction of light is astounding. One can stare at these for hours. Although my egg drawing above pales in comparison, I kept Antonio’s graphite gradations of tone in mind while I worked on it.






An old sketch from a visit to the amazing town of Èze, France.

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Buggies, now in color



Gipi’s Jersey City

Recently I read two excellent graphic novels by the Italian comics creator Gipi. Both Garage Band and Notes For A War Story tell small yet compelling stories through rich characters and gorgeous art. While the characters are simply drawn, the landscapes they inhabit are intricate and impressive. Executed in pencils and watercolor, many panels are mini masterpieces. Above is my own watercolor cityscape inspired by his.
Gipi has his own blog. It is in Italian and you can see it here.








The Bean

Sketching in Millennium Park, from my trip to Chicago back in April.

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Self Portrait with Mustache

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This was a wintertime project, playing with my camcorder.


Untitled (Cable)

This painting is acrylic on board, 18″x24″.