If you didn’t figure it out already, a disproportionate share of the Invisibleman crew met each other at Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, back in the early 90’s. In my last year in the illustration program, I was lucky enough to land in Roger DeMuth’s class, which set me on the course I am now traveling.
Roger is a man who has abundant shares of talent, craft and shrewd promotional savvy. These of course are the skills a freelance illustrator needs to be successful, and they have served Roger well.
This summer my wife and I dropped in for a visit at Roger’s house in Cazenovia, NY where you’ll find his enviable art-filled studio attached to a beautiful home nestled in a lush garden of his own design.
Roger binds his own miniature sketchbooks (painted with equally small watercolor sets, usually using a bottle cap with a little orange juice as the medium). He also builds precision custom drawing travel kits that tuck away all the required implements for drawing in a handsome case, replete with handsome stamped leather detailing. Tucked into shelves you’ll see hilariously cheap chinese novelty toys, frog popup books (lots of frogs), a sizeable stash of antique pen nibs collected from ebay, and dozens of clever mockups for toys and such delights as the Kitty Condom.
Read on to see a slideshow of our visit.

You can see more of Roger’s work at his site,