The Noisettes
Whoa. This was the first year I had the pleasure of attending the Village Voice Siren Music Festival. Yeah, that was my big bald held up there hob-nobbing with the rest of the VIP’s…Invisibleman Paul Antonson of course was responsible for getting us on the guest list as he has created the amazing poster art for the show for the past seven years, though I’d say this year’s was a standout.
This shot above is The Noisettes‘ amazing Shingai Shoniwa who electrified the crowd early on with a fun and rockin’ set. MIA who I have been waiting a long time to check out in person was also a treat, and The Black Lips put on a cool performance, though they shoudn’t have blown up Popcorn the chicken. I didn’t get over to the other stage, and I missed the New York Dolls, but still a pretty incredible fun day. Thanks for the access PA!
My Siren pictures on flickr
Paul’s Siren pictures on flickr