Our invisiblepal Leejone Wong has collected all the pieces, hunkered down and completed the re-animation process of her amazing Show & Tell sessions…and they are back, and badder than ever.
Moving on from the fabled 184 Kent in Williamsburg, Leejone has moved Show & Tell to the super-cool Monkeytown. This is a very cool performance space, in the back of a great restaurant…Truly a cozy and intimate place to hear about people’s cool projects. For your modest $10 ticket, you get a delicious appetizer to munch on and a free drink to enjoy while taking in some fascinating creative people share their work and stories (make sure to call ahead and book a reservation).
Leejone has been running Show & Tell’s for quite some time now, and they are fascinating, fun and inspiring sessions you won’t soon forget. Read on to see this week’s line-up…

Taking the current controversy over the role of American evangelicals
as a starting point, I’ll perform an illustrated essay about
evangelical portrayals of Jews, when evangelicals drag as Jews, why
evangelicals think they make the best Jews, and what theme parks and
evangelical performances can teach us about the fetishization of
Jerusalem and Israel.

Some Melodies Regarding Blood Moons, Telegraphy, Rapture, Revolt, and
Revival, as well as Comets, Meteor Showers, the Aurora Borealis, the
Burnt Over District, and the Great Disappointment was performed by an
eight-vehicle orchestra on the 28th of July. At Show and Tell Mary and
Danyel will have a multimedia presentation about this performance. A
suite of songs was composed by various musicians including participants of the Bang On a Can Music Institute. Vocal and instrumental components are played separately through individual car stereos, collectively creating a complete song within the circle.

3) Emiko Kashara will present SHEER, an ongoing participatory sound
and sculpture installation exploring stories of loss from people
around the world in the context of completed works. In Japan, Emiko is
widely exhibited and was known for her sculpture and later for a
variety of media such as video installation and performance work.
Since moving to New York, she has exhibited all over the world, most
recently at the Sydney Biennale,and at the Volkskundermuseum graz,

Kate Zidar, a member of Newtown Creek Alliance, will present a slide
show about a bike tour she and Brendan FitzGerald did circumnavigating
the creek. She will discuss recent developments on the creek and the
sordid past of one of the country’s most polluted waterways. Kate
Zidar is Program Director of Environmental Education at the Lower East
Side Ecology Center. Kate has worked previously as an Assistant
Planner with the Planning Center at Municipal Art Society and as a
consultant for NYC Housing Authority’s Greening and Gardening Program.
She is active with many community-based organizations such as Newtown
Creek Alliance, Water Resources Group and the East River Network. She
is a Master Composter and an active member of Green Dome Community
Garden in Brooklyn..

Leejone also has a very cool project underway at Leejone describes it a bit here:

Many of you have courageously and ceaselessly forged ahead despite a few of those projects that got left to the wayside, crashed and burned into bits of stinky poo – or simply never ended. I’ve come to hope and believe, as may you, that an unfinished project can be a blessing – a nonsensical path to a larger, invisible work-in-progress. Or – some of us just need to be told that there‚Äôs no shame in letting it go, man…

Go support this cool project at Monkeytown this Saturday!