February sketches

Some recent bits from the sketchbook; subway riders, post-snowboarding doodling and a rendering of InvisibleMan’s founding father.


DoS Show in D.C. – March 9th

If you are in the Washington D.C. area, be sure to check out our pal Nate Peek‘s band DoS (like the spanish number two, not the operating system).
I whipped up this Land of the Lost flyer for the show. Totally had a blast doing this, as I have been meaning to do a LOTL illo for a while now…
This show had a real impact on me as a kid, and I recently bought the DVDs, which were a treat to revisit. One listen to the awesome banjo-filled theme song, and you’ll fall in love with young Holly all over again…



Woman And Balloons.jpg



Young Girl in a Field.jpg