Monster Mash

A drawing from the last page of my moleskin sketchbook – influenced by a Johnny Cash song and a so-so Polanski film with Johnny Depp as a rare book dealer who’s chummy with ~gulp~ Satan.



pa took this one, right before Bighead gave him an awful haircut. BOO!


Interview with Melissa Barrett Lundquist

Tropical Sea Flowers, 2005. collage (screenprint, fabric, acrylic on paper), 17×22″
The sassy ladies over at have posted the first of their “Artists interviewing Artists” series of articles. Julie Kirkpatrick (full disclosure: my invisiblewoman) interviews fellow Brooklyn artist Melissa Barrett Lundquist about her work (shown above), which will be shown at the AAF Contemporary Art Fair in New York City this weekend (October 27-30).
LINK: Interview with Melissa Barrett Lundquist


Work in Progress

This is a detail of a new drawing I’m working up for a promo postcard. I’ve been saving screenshots of it in-progress for a good step-by-step after I’m finished. I have really enjoyed working on this one bit, after Julie, my wise invisiblewoman correctly concluded that the head I had previously drawn on there wasn’t up to snuff. Much could change between now and the finish…More later!


2 sketches

Woman reading a magazine article entitled ‘Celebrity Feuds’/Jazz musician in Washington Sq. Park


4 antonson bros

We ate two delicious chickens.



here i am super busy in grad school. our show opens tomorrow! if any one is in philly. 🙂
(i’ll post some pix of my works after i take them. my circle is the 1st one on the bottom row…)
ps i saw chip kidd, chris ware and charles burns speak at the philadelphia free library tonight. good stuff…


Bighead for your iPod

Alas, the stars have aligned and a confluence of fantastical events have led to this glorious post. Halloween is nearly upon us, Apple has spawned millions of video iPods, and nobody has anything to watch on them. Today we are releasing our baby, “Bighead”- neatly encoded for your video iPod (or just to watch on your computer).
A good chunk of the invisibleman team spent a hilarious weekend in Kempton, PA filming and acting in this opus. Hard-earned money was wasted on high quality sausages, tyvek worksuits and chocolate syrup. Another year or so of feverish bi-coastal editing ensued, and it has been languishing in our HQ’s armored media vault for a while now. If you love something, set it free…We’re releasing this 20 minute film under a Creative Commons license ( Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 to be precise), so feel free to share this with your friends- although as the license states, please keep our credits intact, and resist the urge to sell copies of this masterpiece on Canal street out of duct-taped luggage.
The latest version of QuickTime is needed to watch this. It’s a big download, but trust us, it’s worth it.
DOWNLOAD – (88.9 mb)


The 1st Invisibleman Art Lodge

Last Sunday (October 16th) 83% of the Invisibleman team got together for our first “art lodge” (Sorry Barb…maybe when you’re up in NYC next!).
We brewed about a full pound of dark, oily Gorilla coffee, scarfed many hearty Bergen Bagels and busted out 25 pieces of artwork which we all had our hands in.
Kurt was the task master, setting the majority of the sessions to 5 minutes per artist, then the artwork was passed to the artist sitting next to you, and you picked up where they left off…or completely obliterated thier planned masterpiece. We did a few speed rounds of a minute per artist at the end. After a full rotation, we grab some new paper, forage for some new supplies and start again.
It was a fascinating, liberating exercise, with many guffaws and strange marks being laid on paper. Unusual materials were passed among artists, and bizzarre images emerged as we listened to WFMU’s terrifying Horror Compilation as a soundtrack.


iPhoto\’s softcover books

I’ve been working on a children’s book for a while, a story about a family camping trip and a furry beast lurking in the woods. Recently I finished up the drawings and the manuscript and started thinking about how to create the mockup to show to publishers (I’ve made these mockups in the past with a previous story – think glue-sticks and kinkos trips). I was pondering how to go about presenting my new story when I stumbled across the booklets Apple will printout from within iPhoto:

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