I’m writing this entry in the lovely Flingern neighborhood of Dusseldorf, Germany. I was determined to add to our “travels” category with a euro-dispatch, so here I am. My invisiblewoman and I have just returned from a little side trip to Amsterdam, and are spending the weekend in our home base in Dusseldorf, which happens to be our gracious hosts Marcus & Vanessa’s cool apartment. They have been taking us around to see the sights, all the art openings in Dusseldorf’s art scene, the best doner kebab shops…And we had a nice trip to Koln today. The Museum Ludwig was spectacular…
Amsterdam was really lovely, and our time there helped erase some unsavory memories of my first visit years ago. In particular, we were quite taken by the Jordaan neighborhood, which is full of great shops and bars, and some incredibly quaint canal houses.
Of course we took in some inspiring art, including the suprisingly good collection of van Gogh’s drawings at his eponymous museum. Nice to his his little sepia sketches in his folded letters to his brother Theo. They had several of his sketchbooks on display, which was a treat! Off to Arhus, Denamrk on Monday, then a brief visit around Copenhagen.
Couldn’t scan in any of my sketches while on the road unfortunately, so the above photo will have to do until my return. A few more photos are available for perusal here.”