On Friday night I attended my first Pratt Draw-a-thon. This legendary event, held every year since 1988, consists if 12 straight hours of figure drawing in which 18 models circulate throughout 5 drawing studios posing for designated periods of time (20 second action poses, 5 and 10 minute poses, 1 hour poses, and two extended poses of 3 and 6 hours each.) Drawing and posing began at 7pm Friday night and continued through the night until 7am Saturday morning.
This years Draw-a-thon was more popular than even Pratt’s planners expected. Myself and my drawing partner were there for a few hours and only able to squeeze into the hour long poses room. Despite the crowds the event was a very exciting and a very unique experience. These graphite drawings are the results of my evening. It was great night and I hope to attend for the whole 12 hours next next year.

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